Department of Creative Writing Events

September 11th @5:30pm - Carmen Giménez Smith

September 18th @ 5:30pm – Nicole Wilson, Tony Trigilio & David Trinidad

October 2nd @ 5:30pm – Richard Meier & Kate Greenstreet

October 9th @ 6:30pm – David Lazar & Jill Talbot

November 6th @ 5:30pm – Charles D’Ambrosio

November 13th @ 5:30pm – Shanna Compton & Nick Twemlow

November 14th @3:30 - Gregory Sherl

February 4th @ 6:30pm – David MacLean & Peggy Shinner

February 12th @ 5:30pm – Chad Sweeney & Peter Davis

March 11th @ 6:30pm – Molly Haskell

March 13th – Court Green Release

March 19th @5:30pm – Jenny Boully & Mary Ruefle

April 3rd @ 5:30pm – 15th Annual Citywide Undergraduate Poetry Festival

April 8th @ 6:30pm – D.J. Waldie

April 16th @ 5:30pm – R. Erica Doyle & Ronaldo Wilson

May 8th @ 5:30pm – Columbia Poetry Review Reading/Release

Other Events

September 10th @ 7pm, 2444 N. Kedzie Blvd - The Swell presents Hello Shark

September 14th @ 7:30pm – The Dollhouse Reading Series #27, featuring: Jenny Boully, Christine Hume, Michael Robins & James Arthur

September 21st @ 7:30pm - The Swell Set 2 “Strange Beauty Show” featuring Russ Woods, Liz Chereskin, Naomi Washer and Sam Pink, with music by Pineapples.

November 16th @ 7:30pm – The Dollhouse Reading Series #28, featuring: David Trinidad, Srikanth Reddy, Shanna Compton & Gregory Sherl

December 14th @ 7:30pm – The Dollhouse Reading Series #29, featuring: Matt Hart, Kiki Petrosino, Laurie Saurborn-Young & Stephen Danos


Poetry Events:

Kenyatta Rogers, Jill Magi, CM Burroughs, Roger Reeves, Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Maxine Scates, Sandra Simonds, Joe Harrington, Peter Gizzi, Brenda Shaughnessey, 14th Annual CITYWIDE Undergraduate Poetry Festival, Columbia Poetry Review Reading/Release

Nonfiction Events:

T Fleischmann, Janet Burroway, Kate Zambreno, Colette Brooks, Rachel Dewoskin, Barrie Jean Borich, Re’Lynn Hansen, Jay Ponteri, Dinty Moore, Amy Leach



Poetry Events:

Lisa Fishman, David Trinidad, Elaine Equi, Jerome Sala, George Kalamaras, CM Burroughs, Michael Robins, Bernadette Mayer, Rusty Morrison, Aaron Kunin, and Stacey Waite


Nonfiction Events:

Claudia Rankine, Laura Kipnis, Laurence Gonzalez, Ashley Butler, David Shields, Jenny Boully, Joshua Casteel, John D’Agata, Jim Fingal, Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, Robin Hemley, Lia Purpura




Poetry Events:

Jaswinder Bolina, Becca Klaver, Catherine Wagner, Lara Glenum, Suzanne Buffam, Amy Gerstler, John Beer, Julie Carr, Edwin Torres, Tony Trigilio, Rachel Loden, Kiki Petrosino, Evan Lavender-Smith, and D. A. Powell.


Nonfiction Events:

Karen Finley, Joe Bonomo, Jim DeRogatis






Poetry Events:

Don Share, Emily Warn, Catherine Bowman, Karen Kukil, Cecily Parks, Sandra Lim, Rae Armantrout, Janet Holmes, Jenny Mueller, Alan Michael Parker, Matthew Shindell, Ed Roberson, and Zachary Schomburg.



Other Nonfiction Events:

Joanna Frueh, Alphonso Lingis, Phillip Lopate, Art Spiegelman, Jamaica Kinkaid, Carla Harryman, Wayne Koestenbaum, Maggie Nelson, Mary Capello, Tracy Kidder, Lee Gutkind, Bev Donofrio, Chuck Kinder.

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